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There are few better ways to celebrate your birthday, whatever day of the year it is, than to book one of our houses. Except in peak times it is possible to book for just two or three nights, and we can help you organise an occasion to your requirements, whether it be a band, a pianist, fireworks – you name it. Link this to a fabulous dinner with a jereboam of a great wine, a tasting at a wine ch√Ęteau, a professional firework display, hot air ballooning or a myriad of other possibilities. You can have a truly memorable occasion with family or friends. Remember too that outside summer months, air fares are extremely reasonable.


Celebrating your wedding day deserves something special and we can help you create a memorable event. Invite your family and friends to join you in a small or a large group and fill the time exactly as you wish, with music, wine and great food, and partying with family and friends.